The Knowledge To Make Business Growth Easy And Predictable

If you feel frustrated by marketing and sales or trying to grow your business, then this post is for you!

I’ve found that it’s a real downer when I struggle to market while I’m trying to do great work for clients or sell products that I know will help people.

Not only is it a downer, but then I have to spend more time or money on trying to market and sell.  That pulls me further away from delivering value and can cut into my free time, too.  

So, I’ve figured out a way to market that just flat-out works.  It needed to not only work, but be easy, cheap and predictable for me too!

I’ve been sharing my methods with you over the past few blogs through the videos I made.  I provided you with the process and mindset and in the last video I walked through a specific way to use Growth Hacking to research your market.

To refresh; Growth Hacking is a mindset and methodology to help business owners grow.  It sprang from the world of tech startups.  I blended my experience from that arena with my background as an entrepreneur and strategy consultant.  

The basic premise is simple.  Marketing and sales are blended into everything you do in business.  A strategy and planning framework provides focus and structure.  That’s it.  Doing it is a bit more involved, but you have what you need to succeed!

You have enough in the videos I’ve shared (click here if you missed any) to do it yourself.  

If you’d like a bit more information or assistance, I’ve created a video here.

I also put together a training course that is self-paced and delivered with video and slides.  Most of the modules also have templates or guidelines to make implementation even easier.

Growth Hacking Hero has four sections with over a dozen individual modules on all the areas you need to successfully make the growth of your business predictable and stress-free.

At the end of Growth Hacking Hero you’ll:

  • be able to clearly and powerfully explain the value your business provides and to exactly the correct market (a huge part of successful marketing)
  • have all the elements of your business collaborating seamlessly to help you deliver value and grow predictably
  • enjoy strategy that provides clear focus on reaching your goals and helps you avoid surging in different directions randomly
  • have a measurement system in place that quickly tells you what is working well and what needs improvement
  • have a clear understanding of how digital marketing works for you

In a nutshell, Growth Hacking Hero will help you sell effectively while using automation as much as possible.  Your business will be even better at delivering great value to your customers, which in turn will help you sell even more easily.  Best of all, when sales becomes more effective, you can grow your business with less stress and enjoy being a business owner!

I have some bonuses in place for people that join in the next week.  The first is a forum for the course that will let you chat with fellow business owners and me, which provides support and is a great tool for getting ideas and feedback.  I’m also including some detailed digital marketing modules that will jump start your success that much faster.

Get more information on Growth Hacking Hero by clicking here.

Peace and prosperity,


P.S.  I’ve priced Growth Hacking Hero deliberately low.  I think it’s so important that we all be able to grow predictably that it needs a great price to be available to everybody!

P.P.S  How low is the price?  Lot’s of people will spend more on coffee in a month than the price!  Click here to find out just how low the price is!

Growth Hacking Hero - for business owners needing predictable growth

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