Use Each Social Media Platform Like a Native

social media etiquette for small business marketing

Each social media platform has a unique manner of interaction.  If you’re a business owner and social media is a part of your marketing strategy, learning these “languages” is critical to avoid sticking your foot in your mouth!

Hashtags, attribution, media, value/promotion mix, and commentary are done differently on each platform.  You don’t have to be an expert on all of them.  But, if you’re incorporating any of them in your marketing, you should definitely get those right.  Nothing sticks out more than a business or entrepreneur fumbling around on a platform or being “salesy” instead of adding value.

If you use marketing tools to make your social media presence more automated, take the time to share to each in accordance with the appropriate etiquette.  Too many shares are obviously intended for another platform, but posted everywhere in the hopes of getting a result.  Don’t fall for the one-size-fits-all trap that tools can lead you into.  Take a bit more time and use the tools to share content in the appropriate format.

I’ve collected a list of my favorite tools, several of which are free.  They are what I use in my marketing in order to get the best results for the least effort and expense. Download a copy instantly by clicking here.

Social Media Etiquette for Small Business Marketing

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Grab a free copy of the list we made of the best marketing tools!

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