Turn Marketing Theory Into Profit

It’s time to turn Growth Hacking from a theory into a profit machine for your business.  In this Growth Hacking blueprint series, we began with some foundational elements, now we meld them together with the rest of your business to create results.  In the next video we’ll talk about how Growth Hacking would look in your business.

In this episode, I build upon the foundation from video one and talk about how to bring your strategy, goals, vision, planning, measuring, research, etc. together with the key elements of; selling stuff people want, knowing your market and not selling gimmicks.

The result is a framework and mindset that keeps innovation and marketing/sales involved in all aspects of your business.  When all the parts of your business are working together, it’s a fantastic feeling.  It keeps us from losing sight of things, having disconnects, and operating in a vacuum.

I was asked why I’m giving away all the elements of my new training course, Growth Hacking Hero.  My answers is: because there are lots of people who can take this short video series and handbook and get great results.  I know there will be plenty of people who would like a plan to follow and training from somebody who has “been there, done that!”  By sharing as much as possible, I get the best of both worlds in helping as many business owners as possible reach their dreams.

Please share this on social media and leave a comment of the video too. I’d love to hear your questions and comments.  Click here to watch the video or click on the picture below.

Remember, sales doesn’t exist on an island separate from the rest of your business!

Sales doesn't exist alone on an island


The Path to Dramatically Increased Sales Leads Through Growth Hacking

Growth hacking to drive your sales success!

Sales is a problem that most small business owners face, yet few are able to overcome.  In my twenty-year-plus entrepreneurial journey, I quickly realized that marketing and sales needed to be tamed.  Growth hacking integrates all parts of a business into innovation, marketing and sales.  Innovation is included in this mix, because it’s one of […]

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4 Secrets to Selling More


I’m preparing to release my new course, Growth Hacking Hero and you can flat-out have my all new growth hacking blueprint and videos (coming soon). In the blueprint I cover five key concepts that will change the way you sell and maybe change your entire business! Below are the topics covered, click on any picture […]

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Do You Need to Sell More? How Goldilocks, Pirates and Napoleon Can Help.

Goldilocks the business coach

Marketing and selling enough to meet your growth goals can be a challenge.  In fact, it seems to be the single most frustrating aspect of owning a business for most people.  Fortunately, Goldilocks, Pirates and Napoleon can give us some advice on how to switch marketing from your least favorite action to something you enjoy […]

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What Do People Share on Social Networks?

What Do People Share On Social Media

Pictures, opinions and recommendations seem to lead the way in what people like to share.  This detailed infographic covers Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter and is an interesting read for it’s mass of information and details.  Be prepared, it’s a huge infographic!   (Source: Go-Gulf.ae.) Hack your way to a better business.   Read this free […]

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Ghandi Gives Advice to Entrepreneurs on Proper Mindset

Ghandi gives advice to entrepreneurs

Are you a business owner?  Then this graphic from a Ghandi quote should strike home; anything is possible!   Hack your way to a better business.   Read this free essentials report.   Illustration by Gavin Aung of http://zenpencils.com/ and used with permission.

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