10 Examples of ROI from Social Media

Is social media a fun diversion or can you generate business results from it?  Many people tend to see social media and its hundreds of platforms as diversion for youth or a time waster.  How much marketing can you do on a platform designed to show cats doing James Bond stunts after all?

It turns out, as I’m sure you know, that over 40% of all businesses have captured leads and sales through social media.  You may be one of those that consider it a time waster, but your competitors are selling on it!  The infographic below shows ten quick examples of how sizable companies have determined the return on investment of their social media campaigns.  If these companies can have great results, small business marketing returns should be even better with our ability to personalize!

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The ROI of Social Media

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Alexandra Nicola
Alexandra Nicola

A positive example how to connect the dots for the investment you make in social media can bring you more sales in the end. A great infographic for adapting the right ROI goals for each business. 

CogentCoach moderator

@Alexandra Nicola  thanks for your comment!  I agree that social media can be a significant part of increasing sales and reducing the cost of a sale as well!