9 Easy Steps To Create Twitter Leads

Get more leads with TwitterTwitter is one of the most powerful tools a small business has for engaging with prospects and creating leads.  The 140 character limit isn’t a handicap, it’s one of the primary reasons it can be used so effectively.

Other social media sites have different etiquette about contacting and connecting than Twitter.  On Twitter, it’s OK to reach out to somebody and initiate a conversation.  Facebook is more private and LinkedIn wants to control connections.  Twitter is more open and people are OK with interacting and connecting with new people.

That doesn’t mean you have a license to spam or try to push things on people.  It means you have the opportunity to create relationships by engaging and delivering value to people.

You can find out loads of information about your prospects by listening to the questions they have.  This research can help you in multiple ways such as improving products, customer service, lead generation and so on.

Delivering value on Twitter is typically done by sharing brief comments and/or links.  When you share, ensure you are sharing something valuable and share other’s blogs and sites freely.  This establishes you as somebody who cares about other people and not just your business.  People will appreciate your efforts and you’ll be building your social brand at the same time.

With Twitter, you have the opportunity to provide your content and people may follow your links and sign up to your email list from your site.  But, when I’m directly dealing with somebody on Twitter, I keep the relationship personal and between “people” instead of using technology (autoresponders for instance).

These leads are high quality, pre-qualified and warm and are usually only a bit away from a personal conversation.  If you’re selling services or higher end products, you know that a conversation is the most powerful selling tool and Twitter is a great way to create these conversations.

The SlideShare below is a quick process I use to create leads from Twitter, feel free to use it.  I’d love to hear about your experiences or questions – just leave a note in the comments section below.

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Interesting to read, I have been advocating a similar approach to my team, however there is nervousness about using Twitter to speak directly to people we would like to work with. I am sharing this blog with them to support them while they think about my proposals. Thanks

CogentCoach moderator

@mckrich  I think the key is to build engagement and relationships.  Just like in person connections it takes a bit of time before you can mention a solution, but it's just as effective.  

Love to hear how it goes for you.  Feel free to ping me if you'd like to hear more about how we've been able to use the approach.

CogentCoach moderator

@Iuliano05  The prewritten content gives me about 90% of material I'm looking for and the other 10% is the custom piece.  Saves so much time and ensures I hit the points that are important while maintaining the personal communication.

I'm off to read your post, looking forward to connecting with you.