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Fill Your Practice With Your Ideal Clients And Get Control Of Your Business

Many service professionals launch a small business confident that expertise will lead to success.

By now, you’ve probably found that it’s not a matter of talent that is holding you back.

Owning a business requires expertise in dozens of areas. Acquiring the knowledge to be an expert in all of these fields can take years - years that you can’t afford to spend - years that you need to be creating revenue.

Maybe you found the allure of setting your own hours attractive.

What most of us didn’t know was that flexible hours as an entrepreneur typically means the freedom of picking which 90 hours of the week we’ll work.

The reality is that expertise is only one of the critical factors needed to succeed.

Expertise needs to be combined with purpose and structure, a business model and knowledge of your customers and environment, and a marketing and sales flow and process.

How can you surround your expertise and gifts with a business structure without spending every waking moment working in and on your business?

Leverage. Use the expertise of others to compensate for the areas you are lacking in.

As a business coach I use my 20 years of entrepreneurial experience blended with decades of helping multi-billion dollar corporations, the staff of the Commandant of the Marine Corps, the White House, etc. to help small business owners structure their business models and then fill their practices with their ideal clients.

My coaching and advisory programs are designed to help you put all the needed elements of a business into place and craft marketing and sales processes that bring results and a return of sane working hours.

An outcome of working with me is the ability to go back to spending most of your time delivering great results to your clients doing the work you live while secure in the knowledge that your business is sound and your practice is full.

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