Go Viral Online: The Power of Video Marketing

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Last week, with my flip camera in hand, I recorded an instructional video for a staff member on how to perform a task. It only took a few minutes to do and was really easy.

Like us, a number of small business owners often create videos for employee training purposes. However, there are many other different ways to use video in your business, such as online video marketing.

Online video marketing is a very cheap alternative to traditional advertising. Plus, it is a dynamic and highly effective method to promote different products or services among your customers. Just one viral video can replace multiple forms of promotions, especially if the video educates and creates an interest among your customers so that they in turn promote your business.

Why is video marketing becoming such a huge online marketing service?

Well, we all know it began with the YouTube phenomena, but now has expanded well beyond just that. With video marketing, you can easily highlight features and benefits of your products or services in the best possible manner in the shortest period of time.

For example, seeing a picture of a treadmill with a description is not nearly as effective as seeing someone on the treadmill in action. That’s why infomercials are so successful. Your customer gets to see exactly what the product can and will do in just a matter of minutes. The customer connects and can imagine how the product could benefit them.

If a picture is worth a 1,000 words, a video is worth much more. Your video can literally become viral with community submissions and social tagging overnight.

So, what techniques can you implement so that your business gets massive exposure with online video marketing?

Technique #1: Post Video To Your Web Site

A perfect way to please Google is to upload a video on your web site. Google has introduced a concept of “universal search” where videos will be listed along with the other links on the search results page. For example if you Google “how to tie a tie” you’ll see video thumbnail listings in Google.

When running a business, it is vital you do whatever it takes to get on page one of the top search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and others. So, upload a video on your web site and help your site be found in more ways than before.

You can also have a video appear as soon as a customer opens your web page. A customer can watch your video every time they come to your web site, especially if you grab their attention with a catchy headline.

Once you have their attention, you can then pitch a product during the video for them to buy or you can simply introduce a product and ask the customer to opt-in to learn more. Once the customer opts-in to request more information, you can follow up with an email.

Technique #2: Send Out Video Emails

You can include a video link in an email to solicit new customers or to refresh ties with current clients. This allows them to connect with a real person, not just words on a page. If they haven’t met you, many of them will feel as though they have. This can go a long way to turning a potential customer into a long-term customer.

Just remember that your email still needs links, images and good compelling text. Not everyone will watch your video email. For example, some recipients may be at work and want to be discreet, some may not have a sound card in their computers, and some may simply not be interested. So, be sure that the copy in your email makes up for this.

For those who really connect with video email, you can then ask them to subscribe to a video email group. This can be done through a group announcement mailing or by simply adding a survey to your normal email asking if they would be interested in receiving video emails. If they are interested, they will subscribe, while others won’t.

With the advent of smart phones like iPhone, Blackberry and Android, it is easier to watch videos wherever you go. They key is to get your video out there for people to watch. A great way to do this is with video distribution software.

Technique #3: Distribute Your Videos Everywhere

To get as much visibility as possible, submit your videos to as many different places as possible. You can do this manually by placing a video on your web site, blog, landing or sales pages, as well as video sharing sites like YouTube, Viddler or Google Video.

You also can automate the process with software like Traffic Geyer that will distribute your videos to hundreds of sites. Whether you upload the videos manually or use video distribution software, it is a good idea to follow a couple steps to make sure to get the maximum results from your efforts:

1. Make sure you list your key words in the title of your video. In other words, make sure you name your video title using words that you want people to find your video under when searching by those key words.

2. Make sure you put your URL at the very beginning of the description field. Most description fields will be abbreviated so that the viewer can only see the first few characters. You want to make sure that the viewer can click off your main site even if they don’t click to expand and read the detailed description.

Regardless how you distribute your videos, just do it. Videos are an inexpensive way to get tons of free exposure for your business. The more you diversify your marketing strategies, the more effective your efforts will be and the more customers you will reach.

To learn more about business growth and starting a business, download my free 47 page “Business Thrival Blueprint“. BusinessThrival.com is a site dedicated to helping business owners achieve a thriving business and life.

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