How To Double Your Leads And Sell More With Twitter

twitter in marketingLoads of people dismiss Twitter as a business tool.  You can’t do anything in 140 characters, right?  Only kids are on Twitter, right?  Where they see challenges, I see opportunity.  I’ve had great success integrating Twitter into my digital marketing as have my clients and partners.

Among adults online, around 20% use Twitter.  Fifty percent are aged 18-49.  Thirty-six percent have had some college or a college degree.  Thirty-four percent earn over $50,000 annually.  When I see those numbers, it looks like an important place to have a robust digital presence and a fertile ground for creating leads.

I suspect what many of the nay-sayers lack is a coherent process and approach that would enable them to be successful at digital marketing on Twitter.  Some of those people have great success on other platforms and don’t need to diversify, but many of them aren’t very successful at digital marketing on any platform.

I share a process that has been very successful for me in this video as a thank you to the people that took the time to fill out a 30 second survey on small business.  Click here to get access.

The infographic below highlights a powerful tool that will help your inbound marketing on Twitter.  Much of my Twitter success involves cultivating relationships and engaging directly, but being found (inbound marketing) adds to my success.  Hashtags are the best way to be found and Tweets with hashtags receive twice the engagement than those without.

Be considered in your hashtag approach.  In general, two or three hashtags is the limit.  More than three begins to annoy and reduces engagement.  Hashtag appropriately, for instance if your Tweet is about cosmetics, don’t hashtag #Ukraine in an attempt to newsjack!

People search via hashtags and when you’re Tweet is found, it’s likely to stir engagement such as retweeting, favoriting, comments, etc.  Pay attention to people that engage with your Tweets.  Connect (follow) with them, send a short note and begin building engagement.  While they may not be an ideal client or lead, chances are that they know lots of people that would be.  By creating a positive engagement you put yourself in position to be recommended.

I look forward to seeing you on Twitter!  Feel free to connect with me:  @cogentcoach.

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below.


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Using hastags Michael helps you connect with people who crave your content. This approach works so well, as if you are clear, people can sense your clarity, and you'll find good matches. Thanks! Tweeted!

CogentCoach moderator

@RyanKBiddulph  I agree completely Ryan.  I've recently been experimenting with RiteTag to improve my hashtag usage and the results have been impressive!