Insights on Using Video in Social Media Marketing

Video watching online is not only huge, it’s growing fast (43% growth since 2010).  With a majority of Internet users watching video you can’t afford to ignore it in your online marketing.  Mobile devices are also being used increasingly for video viewing, which makes this segment even more valuable to reach.  Are you using video in your marketing?  If not, why?  When I ask this, people often respond that they don’t know how to make videos, their videos wouldn’t be professional, they can’t afford videos, etc.

Ironically, many of the same people that say they can’t make professional videos are writing blogs, putting up their own websites, copywriting their ads, and doing all manner of other things that they aren’t professionals at!  But video, and being on camera, seems to be a particular challenge for many people.

But you don’t need to be on camera, have expensive equipment or be Steven Spielberg to use video effectively for your business!  The infographic below will help you understand why it’s important to use video as a piece of your marketing.  If you’d like to incorporate video into your marketing, but don’t know how or what your first steps should be, take advantage of a free Marketing Intensive session with me and when you fill out the questionnaire you receive after registering for a day and time, make sure you emphasize that you’d like to learn how to bring video into the mix of your marketing.

Incorporate Video into Your Small Business Marketing

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