Little Known Ways to Blog to Drive Your Small Business Marketing Engine

Find it hard to get small business marketing results with your blog?Everybody tells you that you need a blog for your small business.  You need to brand yourself and help your site rank in the search engines.  You need a blog for content marketing and to establish your authority and expertise.  You hear the “what” all the time, but nobody tells you the “how” of blogging.  In particular, information on blogging to help you produce business results is scarce.

I’ve written a 30 page handbook that covers the what and how of using a blog for your small business.  Setting up a blog, writing blog posts, promoting the posts and useful tools for blogging are all covered.  Grab a free copy of the Digital Marketing Blogging Handbook by clicking here.

Writing a Blog Post

Anybody can write a blog post. If you are nearly illiterate and marginally vegetative, you can write a blog post. If you consider yourself somebody that can’t write or can’t write a blog post or can’t write many blog posts, you’re right.  Remember Henry Ford’s reminder “If you think you can or if you think you can’t, you’re right.” So, know that you can and let the excuses fall away.

Write what you know or what you are passionate about. If you’re very interested in beauty, don’t write about dog grooming. If you need an article on dog grooming, outsource it and save yourself the time and your readers the agony.

Write about your passions. What do you enjoy, what makes you happy, what helps other people and so on. Then weave the subject into the emotion you have that can propel you into writing content that is engaging. Don’t expect people to read dry content; especially don’t expect them to come back for a second helping.

You have friends; you have family and you converse with them. You meet new people and make new friendships. You meet prospects and convert them to customers. You have proven you can communicate; writing is no different. If anything, it’s easier. You can delete words in a draft and change things before you publish. You can’t do that after you tell a joke that bombs!

Girl Asleep On Her Notebook Computer Trying to Write a Small Business Marketing Blog PostEnough overcoming resistance.

I like to keep things simple. I break articles down into several steps and a general formula and then I alter it as necessary….more in Chapter 2.

Click here to grab a free copy of the Digital Marketing Blogging Handbook.  I also include loads of screen shots to show exactly how to do what I’m suggesting.  I always find it much easier to follow along if there are pictures.

Blog Post Promotion

Your blog needs traffic and readers to make it a functional part of your marketing. This section will cover a process that I use to promote my blog posts. You’ll notice that these steps are all dealing with social media. I’m not including any search engine promotion in this handbook, but this promotion process will also help your blog’s organic search engine rankings.

You may or may not have an account on each of these platforms. If you don’t, I recommend that you take the time to create the accounts that you don’t already have. If you haven’t set your accounts up with care, I recommend that you Google “Facebook fan page set up” or “Google Plus account set up” or whichever account you need to improve. You’ll find dozens of quality articles that will help you create a fantastic presence.  Read more in Chapter 4.

The 18 step blog promotion process and guidelines for how to structure your post will help you simplify sharing your blog and spreading your articles widely.  Click here to grab a free copy of the Digital Marketing Blogging Handbook.

Blogging can drive great small business marketing results!Blogging is simple once you have learned how to do it.  My goal is to save you from making tons of mistakes and wasting times testing methods.  The guidelines I provide will have you creating great content and using that content to bring readers to your site.

Start blogging now or if you’re blogging, grab any tips that help you become a better blogger.

Also, please provide any tips you have that aren’t in the handbook in the comments section below.  What works for you?  What questions do you have?  Feel free to post either in the comments!