Seth Godin On Relationship Marketing In Small Business Marketing

Relationship and Attraction Marketing Keys to Small Business Marketing


Small Business Marketing Through The Heart Not A BullhornProducing great results through small business marketing has never been more possible than it is today.  Our customers don’t want to be blasted with ads designed for everybody and don’t want us to shout at them with a bullhorn through our ads.  They want to engage with us and be able to clearly see the value we provide for them and feel like they are in a relationship with our businesses.

How Do We Build Relationships Through Small Business Marketing?

By ensuring that our communication with our prospects and customers is personal and targeted.  We show that we understand their problems and highlight how our offerings provide the solutions they need.  We reveal our personalities and tell stories that make our businesses seem less stuffy and more engaging.  Think of how you meet and keep friends, that’s what we want to try to replicate.

Can Small Business Marketing Compete With Big Business Marketing?

Not only can we compete, but we can do it better!  Our small business marketing efforts are much easier to design to create relationships, we can design “freebies” that help our clients and build relationships and we can do it in a more personal manner than a big business could ever hope to do.

In the video, I talk about many of these points and then have a blurb of Seth Godin discussing why they are important in achieving the small business marketing results that we are seeking.

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Jeffery Ross
Jeffery Ross

Hello Michael, I trust that you are having a Fantastic day... Thanks for sharing this Blog with the world, There are a lot of people out there that need to read this and take on-board what it means to build relationships with others especially our potential customers or Friends . Keep them coming I look Forward to the Next One Cheers Jeff

Niveen Salem
Niveen Salem

You hit it right Mike with all these great points: 1. Building the relationship with your customers first prior to selling. 2. Looking for the right qualified leads! 3. Being the middle man of what people want or what they are looking for 4. Social media explosion Thank you for sharing and for the reminder! ~ Niveen

Gordon Robinson
Gordon Robinson

Hi Michael - I have been following Seth Godin for a while now and its great to see how you are using him in your teachings. Great blog and the message on connecting people as a business is something I have been thinking about. Great post ~ Gordon