Small Business Tips: Social Marketing To Improve Your Website Traffic

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I’ve previously written about using Facebook ads to increase your business. In this issue we are going to talk about social media management for better search engine rankings and traffic.


There are a number of affiliate marketers that point out that Facebook has grown to be more effective than Google in terms of getting traffic. Whether this is true or not, it’s not surprising to know that many other marketers are jumping on the bandwagon to try out Facebook marketing for themselves because it is a lot cheaper and less difficult to set up.


Think about these tips on how to get appropriate traffic from Google right to your Facebook business page.


- Back Link. Back Link. Back Link.


There are actually a number of ways you can lead your potential clients and customers towards your page. This is one of the beauties of  social networking. You can do this by using backlinks depending on the number of ‘Likes’ that you get. This is also known as on-site optimization.


The offsite way is to build links using other websites such as your formal website, article submission sites, other social networking sites, email signatures and so on. Use of articles to set up backlinks is quiet efficient and cost-effective as well. Not only that, they also allow you to present your company to your prospects before getting to your main page.


- Use your Business Name


While it’s good to be thoughtful with your profile and updates, the same does not follow for your Facebook name. Of course, you need your name to be easily searchable in Facebook. This helps keyword optimization. Be sure that your business name doesn’t come with too much hype. In some cases, you might also need to differentiate yourself from another similar business name. If the business name is Jeremiah’s Fruit Shakes, for example, and there’s something that sounds similar, then make it Jeremiah’s Organic Alabama Fruit Shakes.


The same goes for vanity URLs. This is a somewhat fresh addition to Facebook features supposedly placed to make the searching for your Fan page easier. Similar to your business name, your URL should be very relevant. Go for something direct such as


- Complete your Profile


Your landing page plays an important role in gaining plenty of Facebook fans. Your potential customers will decide to read your profile and become your fan depending on how beneficial and interesting your page is. So answer completely as much as possible. Provide helpful content in your About Page.


Remember to place keyword rich content in your squeeze page. Aside from using targeted keywords, you can also add in broad, general keywords that are typically used in your preferred niche. This is so Google can easily find your page. Also, make use of customer feedback or testimonials as these will help you attract more prospects. This will add trustworthiness to your page and to your brand in general.


It is not encouraged though, to use the Fan or Business Page in lieu of an official website. At most, a Facebook page is just a great addition to any business website because it acts as a community among prospective customers and clients alike.


You can get the traffic if you choose to use Facebook for Business. If you want to find out more check out here for more Facebook marketing strategies.


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When you refer to the landing page, do you mean the profile that shows up when someone types in your Facebook Page's vanity URL? Or is there a Facebook feature that allows businesses to create a custom landing page, like you would see on a regular website? So many things change so quickly in the world of social media management! But thanks for sharing your wisdom with us :)

Michael Nelson
Michael Nelson

Hi Nikki - I've had the best luck with my own landing pages (such as: or by providing links within FB posts to them. You can run FB ad campaigns to tabs and the tab can be a landing page that is embedded in the tab (via url), but they haven't worked as well for me. My most effective FB lead generation, which is what I use with my clients, is based around ads and getting the cost of a like down below $0.10 or so. I don't use FB alone, but as a part of a Digital Marketing Ecosystem and page likes fit into the DME by creating opportunities to engage. Michael


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